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Malaysia Company Incorporation Services

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Incorporate Your Business in Malaysia

The demand for Malaysian company registration services continues to grow. We at Bestar understand why Malaysia is attracting such a large interest from businesses for Malaysian business registration, private limited company registration and company opening in Malaysia. To incorporate a Malaysian company with SSM (Companies Commission of Malaysia), this requires a certified company secretary to complete. Bestar is a Malaysian company formation agent registered with SSM, which can help you set up and register a Malaysian company. We would like to share with you our expertise in Malaysia Company Registration and how to set up a new company in Malaysia. As the premier provider of company registration services in Malaysia, we are in a unique position to provide you with a full set of company formation agency services at the most favorable price and the best value for money, and to help you set up a company in Malaysia or register a Sdn Bhd Malaysia. Bestar registers hundreds of businesses and companies in Malaysia every year. We are a truly one-stop solution for your business in Malaysia.

Our efforts to continue to be Malaysia's leading corporate service provider have been widely recognized by the authorities, regulatory agencies and professional institutions. We provide the best value-for-money company formation package in Malaysia.

When setting up a company in Malaysia, it is very important to have an appropriate team to assist you. Bestar is a leading service provider and will assign a group of qualified professionals, including accountants registered with MIA, company secretaries registered with MAISCA, tax agents registered with CTIM, and SST agents licensed by the Malaysian Ministry of Finance to understand your needs for setting up a Malaysian company.

Bestar can help you register a new company in Malaysia at a price of RM1,750. Therefore, the total cost of the company's initial set-up will be RM1,750 + RM105 (6% service tax) = RM1,855. The company formation fee includes secretarial service package cost of RM750 per year. The best and fastest company registration service in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Malaysia, promises that opening a company in Malaysia will not incur any hidden costs and tricky additional fees. Please see below for more detailed information about company registration in Malaysia!

We are an experienced and leading corporate service provider, able to provide support for the registration of company names in Malaysia for locals and foreign investors.

We Welcome You to register Sdn Bhd in Malaysia | Incorporate Company in Malaysia

If you are near us and would like to discuss any aspect of our Malaysian company registration service, please feel free to visit our office during our office hours for Malaysian company registration. We recommend that you book the proposed itinerary in advance to avoid unnecessary delays in company registration in Malaysia.

If you are located in Singapore, you can visit our Singapore office to discuss company registration in Malaysia and sign any documents required for business registration in Malaysia. Our team in Singapore is happy to provide you with assistance in registering a new company in Malaysia and registering a company name in Malaysia.


Generally speaking, setting up a "company limited by shares" as a new company is the most common business vehicle for conducting business in Malaysia, as it provide its shareholders with limited liability status.

Requirements for setting up a Malaysian company

The requirements for setting up a company are:

- The minimum paid-up capital is RM1

- At least one (1) subscriber of company shares

- At least one director who is at least 18 years old and residing in Malaysia. He/she is not a bankrupt and has not been convicted or imprisoned in the past 5 years. If necessary, Bestar can provide you with the service of nominee directors by local residents, but at an additional charge.

- At least one company secretary (the company secretary must be a member of any designated professional organization or approved by SSM). Bestar can provide you with company secretarial services (fees apply).

- Must have a registered office in Malaysia. All communications and notices can be sent to this office.

When you turn to Bestar for registration business Malaysia, you can be ensured of quick and thorough process, thereby forming a registered company that complies with all existing regulations, laws and regulations. We will process the Sdn Bhd registration details of all Malaysian companies so that you can fully invest in strategic planning, marketing, financing and operations, in other words, all the major tasks that entrepreneurs need to consider when launching and opening Sdn Bhd companies in Malaysia. Business registration in Malaysia has become very easy. Everyone can register a business in Malaysia hassle free through Bestar.

The Malaysian Standard Company Registration Service Package includes the following:

- Unlimited name search for suggested names for registering companies in Malaysia

- Name reservation with the registrar SSM for 2 times

- Approval letter to use name

- Paid-up capital – RM1 to RM1,000

- Registration fee of RM1,000, payable to SSM for registration

- Preparation of resolutions for the first board meeting

- Preparation of a resolution to open the company’s bank account (up to 2 accounts free)

- Preparation of two certified true copies of registration documents

- Free bank introduction and bank account opening service in Malaysia

- Free company registration certificate

- Free company consulting and advisory services

- Free tax planning and SST advice

Our secretarial service package includes:

- Appointment as company secretary by our qualified professional staff (Malaysian)

- Safekeeping company common seal (if any)

- Maintaining meeting minutes and register

- Consultation on secretarial/statutory/compliance/accounting/tax/SST issues

- Monitoring and ensuring compliance with relevant legal requirements, especially legal requirements under the Companies Act and the Income Tax Act. Regular compliance alerts are issued via email.


Company’s Paid Up Capital Requirements for Licensing or Employment of Expatriate

There will be different requirements for paid-up capital for different licenses or employment applications

Adoption of Constitution in accordance with the Companies Act (CA 2016)

According to the Companies Act 2016 (CA 2016), the adoption of the Constitution is optional. If you are interested in adopting our standard Constitution, our fee is RM300, including the stamping fee (RM200). Customizing the constitution requires payment of additional fees. The special clauses included in our standard constitution are as follows:

• Signing of board resolutions by majority of directors (CA 2016 requires all directors to sign)

• Adoption of the common seal (useful when customer purchases property)

Please note that some banks will require the company secretary to provide a confirmation letter, because the company does not have a constitution, and our fee for issuing the confirmation letter is RM150. In Malaysia, as different banks have different requirements, please contact your preferred bank directly to learn about the requirements for opening a bank account.

Certificate of Incorporation

Your company registration documents include a certificate of incorporation. (SSM will issue this certificate after the company applies for and pays the prescribed fee)

Company Seal

You can add on a company seal for RM75. (The law no longer requires the company to have the common seal)

Rubber Stamp

You can add a rubber stamp for RM38.

Initial Paid-up Capital of your Company

Our company registration fee does not include the initial paid-up capital of your company. Please note that the initial paid-up capital will be treated as a cash advance from shareholders to the company. However, the company will decide on its own how to account for it in your books.

Signing Company Registration Documents at Singapore headquarters

If it is convenient, we can arrange to sign the company registration documents at the Singapore headquarters.

Bestar understands that you want to start and register Company Sdn Bhd in Malaysia immediately. We are small enough to respond flexibly to all your needs when registering a company in Malaysia, but large enough to provide all the services required by the new company. Don't miss important business opportunities because of the cumbersome business registration in Malaysia! Trust Bestar to support you to quickly start your company and register your company in Malaysia, and enjoy a unique service package that is not available elsewhere in Malaysia. Bestar provides the best company registration program in Malaysia.

Why can we provide you with Malaysia company registration service at this price?

Our mission is to provide customers one-stop solution service with efficiency, effectiveness and economy.

We firmly believe that you should get high-quality support services at the beginning of your business. This is the first step for us to know you. We are honored to be your support.

Malaysia Company Registration has never been so easy! Most economical & best in Malaysia!


To set up a company, you can send us the manual incorporation form via email to admin@bestar.com.my.

Information required for company registration in Malaysia

- Suggested company name and its meaning

- The main business activities of the proposed company

- Copy of NRIC or passport of all directors and shareholders

- The latest resumes and proof of addresses of all directors, such as utility bills (if different from NRIC)

- Paid-up capital information

- Occupations, emails and contact numbers of all directors, shareholders and beneficial owners

- Shareholding ratio of each shareholder

- If he/she is not listed as a designated shareholder, please provide us with the beneficiary's information.

- If you want to update the address of your main place of business (that is, the place where you will do business) with SSM, please provide us with proof of address, such as utility bills or bank statements issued within the last 2 months, lease agreements, notice of quit rent assessment, etc. (if any).

- What are the sources and sources of funds used/to be used in the business? (E.g. employment/business/investment income from Malaysia)

- Expected location of customers and suppliers of Malaysian companies

- Written confirmation (email is acceptable), confirming each director, nominee director, nominator of nominee director, shareholder, beneficial owner/controller, agent (if any) and principal, trustee, beneficiary, protector, investment managers (for any trust structure) are not politically exposed persons.

- For trusts - a copy of the trust deed containing the name and administrative address of the trust, a copy of the NRIC/passport, proof of residential address, contact information and resumes of the settlor, trustee, beneficiary, protector), investment manager, etc.

According to the law, at least one resident director is required to set up a private limited company in Malaysia. In addition to local Malaysians who live permanently in Malaysia, any foreigner with a Resident Talent Pass (RPT) / Permanent Resident (PR) / MM2H holder is also eligible to be regarded as a resident director of a business registered in Malaysia. If these are not available, you can consider subscribing to our nominee director service.

If the shareholder is a corporate entity, please provide a copy of the corporate shareholder’s company registration certificate, memorandum and articles of association, appointment certificate or equivalent documents (click on the appointment certificate to download the sample) and proof of the registered address, company chart/structure, corporate representative details and written documents (such as board resolutions), which show the subscription of shares, the shareholding ratio in the Malaysia company, the appointment of any representative as a director of the Malaysia company, the appointment of the corporate representative and the authorization given by the corporate shareholders to directors (if any) and the company representatives, etc. If the shareholder of the corporate shareholder is also a corporation, please provide a set of registration documents similar to the one mentioned above. This requirement is necessary for all corporate shareholders before the ultimate individual shareholder is determined.

Politically exposed persons refer to individuals who are holding or have held important public positions in Malaysia or foreign countries, or individuals who are or have been appointed important public positions by international organizations, including immediate family members or close partners of such persons.


1. Fill in and send the company registration form to us by email to admin@bestar.com.my.

2. We will conduct a company name search to check the availability of the proposed name and contact you within 24 hours (please refer to the guide to choose your company name)

3. Send us an email telling them the name to keep, the required information and the payment slip for our professional company formation fees

4. After receiving the payment, the company name will be reserved according to your request

5. After the name is approved by SSM, we will prepare a full set of registration documents

6. All directors and shareholders sign documents at the Bestar office

7. After signing, we will continue to incorporate the company with SSM

8. SSM issues notification of incorporation

9. After the company is incorporated, we will email all relevant documents for record.

If you have any questions about Malaysian company Sdn Bhd formation / company search, please email us at admin@bestar.com.sg and we will reply promptly within 24 hours.

According to Bestar's past experience in setting up companies in Malaysia and registering companies with SSM, the entire registration process will take 5 to 7 days. Having said that, Bestar's track record is to register the company within 1 working day from the date when the directors and shareholders sign the company registration documents at the Bestar Office. Please note that the company incorporation timeline is very dependent on the accuracy and completeness of the Malaysian company registration information and documents, as well as the availability and stability of the SSMs MyCoID online system.

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