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Corporate Secretary Services in Malaysia

What is company secretary services? What are the responsibilities of a corporate secretary? What is company secretary Malaysia? Can a director be a company secretary in Malaysia?

Package Fee for Secretary Services

Company Secretarial Service Package Available Fee (RM)

Annual Malaysia Company Secretary Service RM600 (billed one year in advance)

Our annual company secretarial service package provides:

• Acting as company secretary by our qualified professional

• Safekeeping company common seal (if any)

• Maintaining meeting minutes and register

• Preparation and submission of Annual Return to SSM (SSM filing fee excluded)

• Consultation on secretarial/statutory/compliance/accounting/tax/SST issues

• Monitoring and ensuring compliance with relevant legal requirements, especially the Companies Act and the Income Tax Act. Regular compliance alerts are issued via email.

The fee we provide to you is one of the best quotations in the market among our competitors. In a dynamic and challenging working environment, we are still able to keep our fees among the lowest among competitors in the market, without compromising the quality service we provide you. Difference in quality services will remind you why you should avoid low secretarial fees service providers.

Contact us immediately via admin@bestar.asia for no obligation consultation!

According to the 2016 Companies Act (CA 2016), the adoption of the constitution is optional. If you are interested in adopting our standard constitution, our fee is RM350, including the stamping fee (RM200). Customizing the constitution requires payment of additional fees. The special clauses included in our standard constitution are as follows:

• Signing of board resolutions by majority of directors (signing by all directors required under CA 2016)

• Adoption of the common seal (useful when customer purchases property)

Responsibilities of a Malaysia Company Secretary

In addition to monitoring and ensuring compliance with relevant legal requirements, a Malaysian company secretary also undertakes the following duties:

Board meeting

Coordinating the operation of the company’s formal decision-making and reporting mechanisms; developing meeting agendas with the chairman and/or chief executive officer; attending meetings and taking minutes; maintaining meeting minutes; certifying copies of meeting minutes and ensuring that correct procedures are followed.

General meeting of shareholders

Initiating and obtaining internal and external agreements for all documents for distribution to shareholders; coordinating meeting management and attendance, taking minutes, and ensuring that the correct procedures are followed.

Company constitution

Ensuring that the company abides by its articles of association and drafting/incorporating amendments in accordance with the correct procedures.

Maintaining Statutory Registers and Books

Statutory return

Update SSM on the following:

• Change of company directors or director-related details

• Change of director’s name or residential address

• Dismissal under the Malaysia Companies Act or the constitution

• disqualification from holding office

• appointment/resignation/death

• Annual Return

• Company name change

• Adoption, amendment and revocation of the constitution

• Issue of shares

• Any other changes that need to be updated with SSM

Reports and accounts

Coordinating the release and distribution of the company's annual report, accounts and interim reports, and the preparation of directors' reports.

Share registration

Maintaining the company's register of members, handling transfers and other matters affecting shareholdings, and handling shareholder inquiries and requests after the company is registered.

Shareholder communication

Communicating with shareholders (i.e. through circulars), payment of dividends and interest, issuing documents related to rights issues and capitalization issues, common shareholder relations, and relations with institutional shareholders and their investment protection committees.

Shareholder monitoring

Monitoring changes in the register of members to identify potential takeover bidders' obvious "staking-building" in the company's shares, and checking with members about the beneficial ownership of the shares.

Share and capital issuance, transfer and reorganization

Implementation of changes in the company’s share capital and loan capital structure, as well as formulating, implementing and managing directors and employees’ share participation plans.

Acquisition and sale

Participating as an important member of the company team established to implement company acquisitions and sales, ensuring the validity of all documents and due diligence disclosure, proper business evaluation be carried out before the transaction is completed to protect the company's interests.

Corporate governance

Reviewing the development of corporate governance and providing advice and assistance to directors on their duties and responsibilities, compliance with personal obligations under the Companies Act, and (if applicable) requirements of the stock exchange.

Non-executive director communication

Acting as a channel for communication and information with non-executive directors.

Company seal

If there are provisions in the company's constitution, ensuring safe storage and proper use of the company seal.

SSM compliance alerts and reminders

Bestar will send you reminders on submission deadlines and compliance matters.

If you would like to know more, please contact Bestar:


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